Richard Mayhue Honors Scholarship (Continuing Student)


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1. The recipient must complete the M.Div. in 8 consecutive semesters starting from the semester enrolled at the main LA campus in person. If student attended for 2 semester they will now have 6 semesters to complete their degree. If the student is not on track to complete their degree in the time limit, this scholarship can be removed early. 

2. A 3.70 minimum cumulative GPA is required to apply. 

3. The candidate must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.7 during the duration of the degree. If the recipient drops below the 3.7 cumulative GPA requirement the scholarship will not be renewed in the following semester. 

4. If the recipient drops below the full-time load at any point, he will be responsible for paying total cost and no longer receive the scholarship. Only exception is in final semester if less units are needed to graduate.  

5. This scholarship cannot be received in conjunction with any other TMS scholarships. 

6. The scholarship will provide full-tuition, Fees (Shepherds conference, Tech fee, and Health Insurance not included). Winter and summer class tuition and fees will be covered as long as there is room in the student's budget. 
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