TMS Alumni Partner Scholarship

Qualifying students can receive assistance covering tuition costs up to $100/per unit. The intent of this scholarship is to help Distance Location and Mentor Model students complete seminary within a reasonable time frame in order to engage in ministry and also to serve as a great encouragement to TMS alumni faithfully serving the church.

To qualify you must:
  • Be enrolled in the B. Th or M. Div. degree at any distance location or in the B. Th. or M. Div. degree for the Mentor Model program of the Master's Seminary
  • Have and maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Be enrolled full-time (11 units) for the semester. If you drop below full-time, you will be responsible to pay the difference for the cost once the scholarship is removed.
  • Be a member in good standing at a church pastored by a TMS alumnus
  • Complete this application and the financial aid application
Other considerations to qualify for the scholarship:
    • Financial information clearly demonstrating need and a justification of the request for financial assistance.
    • The financial information must also include the number of hours you work each week, monthly household income, outside sources of support, any other income earned, and average monthly expenses listing major expense items.

Ex: P000123456

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