TMS Financial Aid Application

The Financial aid application is to create a financial aid account in the TMS system. Without completing this there will not be an account to place any scholarship funds. This is not a scholarship but the application that needs to be completed in order to receive any aid. 

Personal Information

Ex: P000123456

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Education Information

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To complete the FAFSA, go to The school code for The Master's University and Seminary is 001220. You must be a U.S. citizen to qualify for federal student aid.
If you are not a US Citizen you cannot qualify for the FAFSA and can waive it

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Statement of Educational Purpose
I certify that I will use any money I receive under the Title IV, HEA loan, grant, student, or scholarship program only for expenses to my studies at The Master’s University & Seminary.

Certification of Non-Default Status
Effective January 1, 1986, a student (and parent in the case of a PLUS loan) must not be in default on any loan made under the Stafford Loan (Guaranteed Student Loan), SLS/PLUS, or Perkins Loan, Title IV, or HEA Loan for attendance at any institution, and must not owe a refund on a grant received in the Pell Grant, SEOG or SSIG (Title IV, HEA Grant) for attendance at any institution.

Electronic Communication
I understand that the Office of Financial Aid will communicate with me electronically via secure TMU e-mail and self-service website. If I wish to opt out of electronic communication I must do so in writing to the Office of Financial Aid.

Statement of Confidentiality
I hereby grant permission to The Master’s University to release all information pertaining to my financial aid to my spouse.


The following is the satisfactory academic policy (SAP) for the Office of Financial Aid at The Master’s University and Seminary:

1. Each student must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) corresponding to his program (see chart below for cumulative GPA requirements) for each semester of attendance. Cumulative GPA is based on institutional and transfer credit hours.

2.00 GPA Requirement
    • Bachelor of Theology
2.50 GPA Requirement
    • Master of Divinity (English/Spanish)
    • Master of Biblical Ministry (Spanish)
3.00 GPA Requirement
    • Master of Theology
    • Doctor of Ministry
    • Doctor of Philosophy
2. A student must also complete at least 75 percent of the institutional units he has attempted. For example, a student who attempts 30 credit hours for the first year must complete as least 23 of those credit hours. A student who has attempted 60 credit hours by the end of the second year must have completed at least 45 of these credit hours. Part-time students must also complete 75% of their attempted units. “F” grades, incompletes, withdrawals, and “no credit” marks affect your GPA and completion percent as outlined in the school catalog.

3. A student must also demonstrate progress toward graduation. The time-frame in which a student finishes his degree cannot exceed 150% of the published length of the program. For example, for an academic program with a program length of 98 units, the time-frame of completion cannot exceed 143 units.

Evaluation of Students’ Progress
GPA and unit evaluation is done after each semester. If either of the criteria are not met at their times of evaluation, the student will be notified of his failure to meet the qualifications, and the student will be placed on Financial Aid Warning (if they have fallen below the requirement(s) for one semester only) or Financial Aid Suspension (if they have fallen below any academic minimum standard in consecutive semesters.) Students will remain on warning or suspension and will not receive additional SAP communications unless their status changes.

Financial Aid Warning for Failure to Meet the GPA Requirement
If a student is put on Financial Aid Warning for failure to meet the cumulative GPA requirement, the student has one semester to receive the required minimum, cumulative GPA. The student must maintain the minimum, cumulative GPA for one semester before he will be removed from Financial Aid Warning.

If the student does not achieve the minimum, cumulative GPA after the semester of Financial Aid Warning, the student will have all financial aid suspended until he has met the minimum, cumulative GPA requirement. After maintaining the minimum, cumulative GPA for one semester, the student will again be eligible for financial aid.

If a student is academically suspended, the student must complete the readmission procedures for an academically disqualified student as outlined in the student catalog. The student must then meet the minimum, cumulative GPA requirement for one semester before that student will be eligible for financial aid. After such a time as the requirements have been met, the student may again apply for financial aid.

Financial Aid Warning for Failure to Meet the Unit Requirement
If a student has failed to complete 75 percent of his attempted units by the end of the semester, the student will be placed on Financial Aid Warning and will be notified of his failure to meet the requirements. That student will have one semester to improve his percentage. If, by the end of that semester, the student has not completed 75 percent of his cumulative attempted units, that student will have all financial aid suspended until such a time as he has met the requirement. The student may again apply for financial aid after requirements have been met.

A student may appeal the financial aid suspension by presenting a letter of appeal to the Office of Financial Aid. The appeal must include why the student failed to meet satisfactory progress. It must also include what has and will change in order for the student to achieve Satisfactory Progress by the next semester. Cases of extreme illness or death in the family will be taken into consideration. The Office of Financial Aid will notify the student as to the final decision. An approved appeal will grant the student one semester of probation in which he will still be eligible to receive Financial Aid. If, at the end of this probation period, Satisfactory Progress is not met the student will be placed on Financial Aid suspension until such time as he has met the requirements.